Hello! Welcome to the home of Bass Guitar Tuition.

My name is Fabrizio Zidarich and I am a bass guitar tutor based in South London SW16.

I Teach privately Bass guitar (from beginner to advanced ) Piano , Keyboard , Classical Guitar , Electric Guitar , Acoustic Guitar , Ukulele , Drums , Djembe , Cubase and Music Production at a Fully professional and soundproofed facilities available with a good quality PA system for working with songs, play along, clicks and also ability to record and listen back to your playing.

My teaching program is a blend of the best teaching material out there for contemporary music combined with my personal experience in the real world of music outside the classroom.

My approach is CREATIVE and it will help you to develop your musical qualities that you have within yourself.

I believe to be a patient and enthusiastic Tutor and my best advice for anyone who is beginning to play an instrument is to practice regularly and particularly focus on repetition .

I hope you enjoy my website, why not look at the services I offer or get in touch.